NCRC Prep & Certification

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    Provide up-to-date information to the staff and students regarding the benefits of obtaining the National Career Readiness Certification (NCRC). Assist students with logging into Career Ready 101 and how to begin the pre-tests for the NCRC. Ensure students are working in the pre-test areas. (Schools can choose to do the pre-tests or have their students take the NCRC with no prep.) Provide information on the date and the length of time needed for the NCRC. Register interested students in advance so they are in the system on the day of the assessment. Ensure students receive their respective certificate.

    Criteria for eligibility: School must have contract with Rural MN CEP.

    Participant Type: students, educators
    Participant Size: individual, small group, classroom
    Location: at High School
    Fee: Yes
    Materials: Yes